Multipurpose Bypass Gardening Scissors with Red Handle


Due Cigni’s Multipurpose Bypass Gardening Scissors with a Red Handle are one of our most popular gardening scissors.

Our design features two curved blades that make clean cuts. Bypass gardening scissors function very similar to regular multipurpose scissors. These scissors highlight a sharp upper blade that can cut through the plant while the lower portion of the blade prevents the object or branch from sliding. Bypass scissors are ideal for cutting flower or softer branches without disrupting the tender tissue.

  • Hedge trimming, limb lopping, and flower bush pruning - for any small gardening cutting task, Due Cigni's bypass cutter tools come from a long line of shears used in European vineyards and gardens.
  • Handle made of drop-forged aluminum with rubberized PVC grips to help relieve pressure on wrists; combined with the curved shape of the blade, these shears yield an accurate and controlled cut.
  • Young tree branches, spent floral stalks, fruit trees, rose bushes, and bonsai provide just a few use cases for our Italian-designed clippers to shine in plant care.
  • Soft grips are ideal for weak or arthritic hands. This pair is ideal for softer, living wood and limbs.
  • Designed in Maniago, Italy, and used in professional and domestic settings worldwide. Our sleek and durable shears provide the clean, easy, and precise cuts that form the basis of virtually any horticultural masterpiece.
Blade Steel: carbon steel SK5
Handle: alluminum drop forged + PVC
Overall Length: 21 cm – 8.27″
Weight: 265 gr – 9.35 oz
If you are new to using gardening scissors, we highly recommend starting with this pair. They are the perfect weight paired with a comfortable grip that fits most hand sizes. Due Cigni’s top-rated Multipurpose Bypass Gardening Scissors are made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability. For 120 years and counting Due Cigni continues its commitment to creating high quality and affordable products.


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Multipurpose Bypass Gardening Scissors with Red Handle
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