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Coquus / Herringbone Knife

For the chef looking for the pinnacle of precision in the kitchen, the award winning Coquus line Santoku from Due Cigni is the only choice. Forged from Damascus steel and reinforced with bronze titanium rivets, the Coquus Santoku knife is meticulously crafted with a design that ensures seamless and effortless precision, particularly when executing the most delicate and thin cuts. It has been specifically engineered to provide complete control and mastery over your culinary endeavors. In addition to its exceptional performance, the Coquus Santoku stands out with its ergonomic Granadillo wood handle that offers an unparalleled level of comfort, enabling you to seamlessly navigate through intricate kitchen tasks with ease and grace. This combination of outstanding blade design and meticulously carved handle makes the Coquus Santoku the epitome of precision and finesse in any culinary setting.


Are Santoku Damascus knives good?

Yes, Santoku Damascus knives are excellent for precise cutting. Their high-carbon steel composition ensures sharpness and durability. The unique Damascus pattern adds beauty, while the blade's design is ideal for slicing, dicing, and mincing. They are a top choice for both professional chefs and home cooks.

What is special about a Damascus knife?

Damascus knives are renowned for their distinctive wavy patterns, resulting from layers of steel forged together. They offer exceptional sharpness, strength, and durability. The intricate design and craftsmanship make them not only functional for precise cutting but also visually appealing, adding elegance to any kitchen collection.

Why are Damascus knives so sharp?

Damascus knives are exceptionally sharp due to their unique layered steel construction. This technique, involving folding and forging high and low carbon steels together, creates a blade with a finely honed edge, excellent edge retention, and the ability to be sharpened to a razor-like sharpness.

Do Damascus steel knives stay sharp?

Yes, Damascus steel knives are renowned for their long-lasting sharpness. The combination of hard and soft steel layers forged together provides both durability and flexibility, enabling the blade to maintain a sharp edge over time. Regular honing and proper care will further extend their sharpness lifespan.

Do Damascus knives hold an edge?

Absolutely. Damascus knives are prized for their ability to hold an edge exceptionally well. The unique forging process of layering different steels creates a hard, yet flexible blade that retains sharpness longer. With proper maintenance, these knives ensure consistent, long-lasting cutting performance in the kitchen.

Will a Damascus knife rust?

Damascus knives can rust if not properly cared for, as they often contain high-carbon steel, which is prone to oxidation. To prevent rust, it's important to keep the knife dry, clean, and occasionally oiled. Proper storage and handling will significantly reduce the risk of rusting, maintaining its pristine condition.

Do I need to oil my Damascus steel knife?

Yes, oiling your Damascus steel knife is essential to maintain its condition and prevent rust. Regularly applying a light coat of food-safe mineral oil protects the blade from moisture and oxidation. This simple maintenance step preserves the knife's beauty and functionality for longer

How long do Damascus knives last?

Damascus knives can last a lifetime with proper care. Their layered steel construction ensures durability and longevity. Regular maintenance, including proper cleaning, drying, and occasional oiling, along with careful use and storage, helps preserve their sharpness and integrity, making them a lasting investment in your kitchen.

Are Damascus kitchen knives worth it?

Yes, Damascus kitchen knives are worth the investment for avid cooks. Their layered steel construction provides exceptional sharpness, durability, and edge retention. The distinctive pattern adds aesthetic appeal. Though pricier, their long-lasting performance and elegance make them a valuable addition to any kitchen arsenal.

Do chefs use Damascus knives?

Many chefs favor Damascus knives for their exceptional sharpness, durability, and unique appearance. The layered steel construction offers excellent cutting precision, making them ideal for a range of culinary tasks. Their aesthetic appeal and superior performance make them a popular choice in professional kitchens.

Blade Steel: stainless steel 4116 X50CrMoV15
Hardness: HRC 55-57
Blade Coating: satin
Handle: black POM
Rivets: stainless steel
Blade Length: 18 cm – 7.09″
Overall Length: 30 cm – 11.81″
Blade Thickness: 2 mm – 0.08″

While some may consider a Santoku knife and Chef knife the same thing, they are different and every kitchen should have both. As part of Due Cigni’s Classica line this knife is equipped with a stainless steel blade with a satin coating and finished with premium materials. For over 120 years Due Cigni has been creating award winning kitchen tools that are made in Italy.


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