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Detachable Kitchen Scissors

Due Cigni’s 8.26” Detachable Kitchen Scissors can be used for cutting meats, snipping herbs, opening tough packages, and more.

These versatile kitchen scissors highlight sharp edges for effortless cutting, a non-slip grip and premium stainless steel material for long-lasting durability. The detachable feature allows you to thoroughly clean the scissor to ensure no food particles are left behind. Keeping your kitchen tools clean should be a priority to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.



What is the difference between regular scissors & kitchen scissors?

Regular scissors are general-purpose tools for cutting paper, cardboard, and lightweight materials. Kitchen scissors, or kitchen shears, are specialized for food preparation tasks like cutting meat, poultry, herbs, and vegetables. They often have stronger blades, serrated edges, and additional features like bottle openers or nutcrackers.

Do chefs use kitchen scissors?

Yes, chefs frequently use kitchen scissors, also known as kitchen shears, in professional kitchens. They are versatile tools for various food preparation tasks, such as trimming meat, cutting poultry into pieces, snipping herbs, and even opening packaging. Kitchen scissors offer convenience and efficiency, making them indispensable for chefs in culinary settings.

Why are kitchen scissors serrated?

Kitchen scissors often feature serrated edges to provide better grip and control when cutting through tough materials like meat or poultry. The serrations help prevent slipping and ensure a clean, precise cut, even through thicker or more fibrous food items. This design enhances the efficiency and usability of kitchen scissors in food preparation tasks.

Can kitchen scissors go in the dishwasher?

Yes, many kitchen scissors are dishwasher safe, but it's best to consult the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure proper care. While stainless steel scissors are generally safe for dishwashers, prolonged exposure to high heat and harsh detergents may affect their sharpness and longevity. Handwashing and drying promptly may be preferred for some models.

Is it okay to cut steak with scissors?

Yes, it's okay to cut steak with kitchen scissors, especially if they are sharp and designed for food use. Scissors can provide precision and control, making them convenient for cutting through tough meat. However, using a sharp knife is traditional and may offer a more refined dining experience.

Are scissors safer than knives?

Scissors can be safer than knives for some tasks, especially for individuals who are less comfortable or experienced with knife handling. Scissors offer more control and are less likely to cause accidental cuts due to their enclosed blades. However, proper handling and caution are still essential to prevent injuries.

How do you sharpen scissors?

To sharpen scissors, open them wide and use a sharpening stone or specialized scissor sharpener. Hold the blades at a 15-20 degree angle against the stone and pull them across it in smooth, even strokes. Repeat until the blades are sharp, then wipe clean and test for sharpness.

Can kitchen scissors cut meat?

Yes, kitchen scissors are designed to cut through various food items, including meat. Their sturdy blades and sharp edges make them suitable for trimming, slicing, and portioning meat into desired sizes. Using kitchen scissors can be convenient and efficient for tasks like cutting poultry, trimming fat, or snipping cooked meat.

Which scissor is better for cutting raw chicken?

For cutting raw chicken, kitchen shears with sturdy, sharp blades are ideal. Look for kitchen scissors specifically designed for cutting meat and poultry, as they often have serrated edges for better grip and control. Ensure they are easy to clean and sanitize after use to maintain food safety standards.

How do you disinfect kitchen scissors?

To disinfect kitchen scissors, wash them with hot, soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. Alternatively, soak them in a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse again and dry completely before use. For added disinfection, you can also wipe them with rubbing alcohol or a diluted bleach solution.

Material: stainless steel Overall Length: 21 cm – 8.27″
For most hand sizes, Due Cigni’s 8.26” Detachable Scissors are the perfect fit. Due Cigni’s kitchen tools are made in Italy and designed for professionals and people who just love to cook. For 120 years and counting Due Cigni continues to produce high quality and affordable kitchen tools.


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Best 8" Kitchen Scissors
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