Multipurpose Scissors


Due Cigni’s 8” Multipurpose Scissors are designed for those than need any everyday scissor that can be used for anything - they are the perfect multipurpose scissors.

Our 8” Metal Multipurpose Scissors are made of premium stainless steel and have an overall length of 7.9”. The quality and strength of the blades deliver a satisfying cutting action that can effortlessly cut through any material you are working with. Their design features one of the most comfortable grips that should be just right for most hand sizes. 

Material: stainless steel Overall Length: 7.9″
Due Cigni’s 8” Metal Multipurpose Scissors are easily some of the best multipurpose scissors money can buy. With the proper care these scissors can last a lifetime. For 120 years and counting Due Cigni continues to produce high quality and affordable kitchen tools.


Most orders will be processed within one business day (we make sure our employees take Saturday and Sunday off, so if you order late Friday or over the weekend, we will process your order on Monday). When your order leaves our warehouse in Seattle, Washington, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Add 3 to 5 business days for delivery. Please note that we only ship within the United States.


We take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our products, which is why we accept returns within the first 30 days from the day your items arrive.

Multipurpose Scissors
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