4in & 2.4in Knife Set

Due Cigni’s signature paring knives are perfect for situations that require precision and finesse. The 6.67- and 10-centimeter blades allow for versatile use within the kitchen, while the full tang blade ensures lasting durability. For everything from fruits and vegetables to unequivocally perfect slices of meat, the combination of these paring knives will be ones to last.

Due Cigni’s Classica line features stainless steel blades and premium materials. The full tang design makes this paring knife heavier, more balanced, and easier to control. These knives best for peeling fruits or vegetables and other small intricate kitchen tasks. Paring knives are also highly effective for hulling strawberries or making pastry dough.



What is included in a typical paring knife set?

A typical paring knife set includes multiple knives tailored for different tasks, such as peeling, slicing, and detailing. Each knife varies in blade shape and size to cater to various cutting needs in the kitchen, offering versatility and precision for culinary tasks.

How do you choose the right paring knife set?

When choosing a paring knife set, consider factors like blade material, handle comfort, and overall balance. Look for high-quality stainless steel blades with sharp edges for durability. Opt for comfortable handle designs that suit your grip preference and choose a set with balanced weight for ease of use in various kitchen tasks.

How do you maintain a paring knife set?

To maintain a paring knife set, hand wash the knives with mild soap and water, then dry them immediately. Store them in a knife block or sheath to protect the blades. Regularly hone the edges and sharpen as needed for optimal performance. Avoid cutting on hard surfaces to prevent dulling.

What are the benefits of having a paring knife set?

A paring knife set offers versatility and precision for various kitchen tasks, including peeling, trimming, and detailing. With multiple knives tailored for different cutting needs, it enhances efficiency and accuracy in culinary preparations. Additionally, a set provides convenience and options for different cooking styles and preferences.

Can a paring knife set improve cooking skills?

Yes, a paring knife set can improve cooking skills by providing versatile tools for various cutting tasks. With precision blades and ergonomic handles, it enhances control and efficiency in food preparation, allowing for more precise cuts and intricate detailing, ultimately leading to better cooking outcomes and culinary experiences.

How does the blade length of a paring knife affect its use?

The blade length of a paring knife affects its versatility and precision in the kitchen. Shorter blades, like those in paring knives, excel at intricate tasks such as peeling, trimming, and detailing, offering precise control and maneuverability for various cutting needs, especially with smaller fruits and vegetables.

Are there any safety tips for using paring knives?

When using paring knives, exercise caution to avoid accidents. Always cut away from your body and keep fingers clear of the blade's path. Use a stable cutting surface and ensure the knife is sharp for precise cuts. Store them safely when not in use and keep out of reach of children.

How can a beginner effectively use a paring knife set?

Beginners can effectively use a paring knife set by starting with basic tasks like peeling and slicing. Practice proper grip and cutting techniques, ensuring fingers are clear of the blade's path. Gradually progress to more intricate tasks, building confidence and skill with each use, enhancing proficiency in the kitchen.

What are some creative uses for a paring knife set?

A paring knife set offers creative uses beyond basic cutting tasks. It can be used for intricate garnishes, carving fruits and vegetables, creating decorative cuts, and even for crafting projects. The precision blades and versatile designs enable users to explore various artistic and culinary endeavors with ease.

Due Cigni’s Classica collection features stainless steel blades with a satin coating and long-lasting POM handles. For over 120 years, Due Cigni has been creating award-winning kitchen tools crafted in Maniago, Italy.


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