4" Serrated Tomato Knife


Designed with a 4.33” blade with ultra sharp serrations that can cut smoothly through tough skinned fruits and vegetables, Due Cigni’s Basic 4.33” Tomato Knife applies minimal pressure to keep your food intact and avoid tearing.

Blade Steel: steel AISI 420C
Hardness: HRC 54-56
Blade Coating: satin
Handle: black thermoplastic
Blade Length: 11 cm – 4.33″
Overall Length: 22 cm – 8.66″
Blade Thickness: 1.5 mm – 0.06″


What does a tomato knife look like?

A tomato knife is a small, serrated blade with a rounded tip, designed specifically for slicing through delicate tomato skin without squashing the fruit. Its unique design ensures clean, precise cuts, making it an essential tool in any kitchen. 

Do I need a tomato knife?

A tomato knife is a must-have kitchen tool for effortlessly slicing through ripe tomatoes without crushing them. Its serrated edge and pointed tip ensure clean cuts, preserving the fruit's integrity. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, a tomato knife enhances your culinary experience and presentation.

What is the best knife to cut tomatoes with?

The best knife for cutting tomatoes is a serrated tomato knife. With its sharp, serrated edge and pointed tip, it effortlessly slices through delicate tomato skin without squishing the fruit. This specialized knife ensures clean, precise cuts, making it an essential tool for any kitchen.

What is the difference between a utility knife and a tomato knife?

A utility knife is a versatile tool with a straight, sharp blade suitable for various kitchen tasks, while a tomato knife features a serrated edge and a rounded tip, specifically designed for slicing tomatoes without squashing them. Each serves different purposes, offering distinct advantages based on your culinary needs.

Why are tomato knives serrated?

Tomato knives are serrated to effortlessly slice through the delicate skin of tomatoes without crushing them. The serrations grip the skin, ensuring clean cuts and preserving the fruit's integrity. This unique design minimizes mess and enhances precision, making tomato knives indispensable tools in any kitchen.

Why does a tomato knife have two points?

A tomato knife typically has two points: one at the tip and one at the base of the blade. These points aid in piercing the tomato's skin and provide stability during slicing. The dual-point design ensures precise cuts without crushing the fruit, making it an essential tool for tomato preparation.

What is the tip of a tomato knife for?

The tip of a tomato knife is specifically designed for piercing the tough skin of tomatoes. Its pointed shape allows for easy entry into the fruit without squashing it, ensuring clean and precise cuts. This feature enhances the knife's efficiency and makes it ideal for slicing tomatoes with ease.

How do you cut tomatoes nicely?

To cut tomatoes nicely, use a sharp serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion to slice through the skin without crushing the flesh. Start by removing the stem, then carefully slice the tomato into desired shapes, such as wedges or slices, maintaining even pressure to retain its integrity and presentation.

Basics need not be bland. With premium, handmade Italian craftsmanship and high-quality materials, Due Cigni's Basics knives are at home in any knife block. For over 120 years, Due Cigni has been creating award-winning kitchen tools crafted in Maniago, Italy.


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4" Serrated Tomato Knife
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