Tuscany Bread Knife
Introducing the most recent addition to Due Cigni's renowned Tuscany line, the Tuscany Bread knife. It's stamped construction boasts curved serrated edges, meticulously engineered to ensure perfect precision and immaculate cuts, every time. To further enhance its quality the blade...
Tuscany Carving Knife
When looking for the blend of utility and beauty, the Due Cigni Tuscany Carving knife is the blade for the job. The blade is forged from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel and has been expertly honed to attain...
Tuscany Chef Knife
The focal point of any chef’s cutlery collection, the Tuscany Chef’s knife is the crème da la crème of the line. The full tang blade, renowned for its superior craftsmanship, is meticulously handcrafted with high-quality stainless steel. This exceptional material...
Tuscany Scimitarra Steak Knife
Do you find it challenging to slice through large and resilient cuts of meat using your ordinary kitchen knife? Search no more, as the butcher's scimitar is the solution! This specialized blade is designed specifically for butchers and meat enthusiasts,...
Tuscany Paring Knife
The Tuscany paring knife is the best paring knife on the market when it comes to a balance of utility and design. The full tang blade measures just under four inches, allowing for mobility and precision when mincing or dicing...
Tuscany Santoku Knife
The Tuscany line Santoku knife from Due Cigni is the definition of sleek and refined. Our equivalent of a 7-inch blade is stamped with scallops from tip to handle, reducing weight for lighter and faster cuts will ensuring even the...
Best 4" Ham Slicer Knife
 Tuscany Ham Knife Handle the thickest of meats with precision and confidence with the Tuscany Ham slicer. The stainless-steel blade is made with a rounded yet sharpened edge to prevent tearing and ensure consistency while slicing. With a seamless transition...
Best Steak Knife
Tuscany Stainless Steel Steak Knife The Due Cigni Tuscany Steak knife is the latest iteration of style in kitchenware. Designed with exceptional durability thanks to its full-tang stainless steel blade that is reinforced by stamping. This feature ensures that the...
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