Classica Ham Slicer
From the Due Cigni Classica collection, the ham slicer is the definition of utility. The full tang blade is made with a rounded yet sharp point, creating clean and precise slices of your favorite cuts of meat every time. This...
Florence Ham Slicer
Due Cigni’s Florence 9.44” Stainless Steel Ham Slicer is designed with a forged blade meaning it will stay sharp for much longer than a non-forged knife. It’s design minimizes cutting friction and as a result keeps more juice inside the...
Tuscany Ham Slicer
When it comes to cutting through the thickest of meats with precision and confidence, the Tuscany line Ham Slicer is the best option. The stainless-steel blade is made with a rounded yet sharpened edge to prevent any tearing when cutting....
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