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Made In Italy

Established 1896

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In addition to making scissors for a variety of tasks and functions, Due Cigni also makes scissors for a variety of individuals. We offer thoughtfully designed scissors that fit most hand types.

We also offer various types of scissors to include offset, normal, and small finger holes. Our goal is to deliver high quality products that everyone can enjoy for an affordable price.

All of our scissors are made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability.

Reviews praise Due Cigni scissors for being lightweight, easy to control, durable, strong, long-lasting, easy to care for, comfortable, and precise.

Our scissors are designed with a comfortable and supported grip and razor sharp blade making them a ‘cut’ above the rest.

Scissors For Any Purpose

Due Cigni’s line of scissors features top-notch kitchen, household, and multipurpose scissors. Our scissors are designed for kitchen newbies all the way up to professional chefs. Every household, office, and kitchen deserves a reliable pair or pairs of scissors that are ready to cut through anything.

Due Cigni offers a diverse line of kitchen scissors to ensure that all of our customers can find the perfect match. Most of our scissors are made of steel which is known to be extremely durable and remains sharp for many years. They are finished with a nickel plated finish to prevent rusting.

Due Cigni is committed to providing high quality and affordably priced scissors, order yours online today!


Why Due Cigni Scissors?

The list of reasons why you should buy Due Cigni scissors is endless. From their expert design to high quality materials and affordable price, Due Cigni scissors are a top-choice for consumers all over the world.

We recommend having more than one pair and type of scissors to be sure that you are ready for anything. In most households you can find a pair of scissors stashed in the junk drawer, thrown in with the knives, stored with the office supplies, hidden in the arts and crafts room, and so on. Scissors are an essential household item that most of us use daily.

As a family owned company, Due Cigni scissors are made by real people who understand what you need. We offer a variety of scissors that can help you accomplish different tasks. With proper care, most of our products can last a lifetime.

We encourage you to try our scissors. If you don’t love them, send them back for a 30-day money back guarantee.