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For 120 years and counting, Due Cigni continues to deliver the best tomato knives that truly are a ‘cut’ above the rest. Our tomato slicing knives are made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability. We strive to deliver a higher quality and lower priced product than our competitors. Satisfying customers is at the heart of our mission. Discover the best tomato knives for sale at Due Cigni.


Why Buy Due Cigni Tomato Knives?


We encourage everyone to try a Due Cigni tomato knife. We are so confident that you will love it that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
As a family owned company, Due Cigni products are created by individuals just like you who know and understand what you really need. Due Cigni tomato knives and kitchen tools are a top choice for consumers all around the world.

Our tomato knife reviews highlight impeccable performance, high quality, long lasting, perfectly-balanced, durable, affordably priced, and more. Our tomato knives are designed to perform varying kitchen tasks, making your life easier.

Every kitchen deserves a reliable tomato knife. Our products are designed using premium materials and simple care instructions for long-lasting durability. With proper care, most of our products can last a lifetime.


Tomato Knives for Home Chefs & Professionals


Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or professional chef you are sure to delight in the design and quality of Due Cigni tomato knives. We strive to create tomato knives that are versatile and well suited for all cooking levels. For more information on any of our knives simply click on the knife to learn more about how it’s made and what it’s best for. Due Cigni offers a wide variety of premium Italian knives.

Italian Stainless Steel Tomato Knife FAQs

Some foods like tomatoes are quite soft and yet have slightly thinner skin. Tomato knives are made to cut through softer flesh and stubborn skin. Keep in mind you can use a tomato knife for much more than just a tomato.

Tomato knives are serrated to work through the tougher exterior without ruining the softer flesh underneath. Other knives may squish the tomato without the serrations making them less aesthetically peeling. These knives can protect the softer insides while cutting through the skin without harming the tender flesh.

A tomato knife comes with a blade that measures between four to eight inches long. Most people find a blade four and six inches works best. Some options include a forked tip to help move cut slices to a serving plate. Furthermore, tomato knives can have a straight, cropped, or forked tip.

Tomato knives are used to cut and prep soft foods with a tough exterior. The knives can handle peeling, cutting, slicing, and dicing. Use the forked tip for serving or moving food from the cutting board to a plate. Furthermore, the knife can cut uniformed slices better for sandwiches, burgers, and other foods.

The toothlike edge cuts through foods with a saw-like motion that requires less pressure than a smooth blade. Every kitchen needs a tomato knife to cut through foods that will not work with a chef or utility knife. Keep in mind not all serrated knives are the same and will not all work on softer foods with a thin exterior. The serrations on a tomato knife are curved just right to work for specific foods that need different care.

A tomato knife to cut smaller loaves of bread like baguettes, corn off the cob, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes, and tender cakes. A high-quality tomato knife does not mash these softer foods and instead provides beautiful clean cuts. The knife can even help keep the seeds from squishing out of the tomato and keep them intact, depending on the quality and age of the tomato.

Tomato knives are task-oriented and therefore made to cut specific foods. Therefore, these knives are not for normal use like a chef knife, paring knife, or utility knife. As such, save this knife for cutting tomatoes, cheeses, soft fruits and vegetables, and baguettes. While you can use other knives on tomatoes, they need to be extremely sharp to sink through both the skin and the flesh like butter.

Other knives include serration, such as steak knives and bread knives. However, these knives have different serrations designed for cutting through other types of food. Some of the serrations are farther apart and shaped to suit the needs of specific foods. When using larger knives like a bread knife, it will be more difficult to cut thin slices as well. It’s best to opt for smaller knives designed for tomatoes.

Due Cigni offers one tomato knife: our Basics 4.33 Inch Serrated Tomato Knife. It helps to cut softer foods with a high-quality steel blade and ultra-sharp serrations. With minimal pressure, you can keep the fruit in shape and avoid tearing. It features a thermoplastic handle and a straight dull tip for safety and helps with serving.

The Basics 4.33 Inch Serrated Tomato Knife works best to cut tomatoes. It’s designed to work for the specific needs of tomatoes and similar foods. Do not use a traditional straight-edge knife on a tomato, as it will mash the internal flesh and shred the skin.

Any knife can cut through the tender flesh of a tomato, but those skins are so prone to tearing and the flesh to damage. Normal knives cannot handle the task with the same ease as a tomato knife, as the serrations and length make it uniquely special. Furthermore, you can get the job done with less pressure, and the tomatoes will still look beautiful when finished.

Tomato knives also work for peeling the tougher flesh off of tomatoes while leaving the fruit intact. While you can use a straight blade paring knife but may find it does not do well near the flesh. If you do not care what the inside of the fruit looks like, then use the paring knife, but if you need the inside to not squish, then use a tomato knife.

Cheese and tomato knives are a slightly fancier version of a tomato knife. While many of these knives include flat blades, some have purposeful holes in the blade to help cut the cheese. The holes help to prevent the food from sticking to the blade, which is extra helpful for cutting cheese. Some of the knives are curved, too, as this can also help to cut cheese and even tomatoes.

A high-quality tomato knife is a necessity for a kitchen. However, these knives are quite hard to sharpen because of the serrations, meaning you need to buy the best quality with the right kind of steel to enjoy a long life for your knife. Although, keep in mind serrated blades maintain their sharpness longer and do not require as much sharpening as other knives.

Instead, buy the Due Cigni knife designed for cutting tomatoes and made in Italy with high-quality materials. Otherwise, skip the bargain bin aisle and invest in a knife that will serve you long-term. Due Cigni’s tomato knife includes a very small price tag making it a smart buy even for those on a budget. All of our knives are reasonably priced to help even home chefs enjoy high-quality products for their kitchen.

The best tomato slicing knife will cut tomatoes and be large enough to cut even the biggest beefsteak tomatoes. Moreover, the best tomato knife includes a serrated blade capable of cutting through tough flesh and soft fruit without changing the aesthetics of either. Finally, an ergonomic handle helps to keep the knife easy to hold. Due Cigni’s tomato knife meets all of these expectations.

Tomato knives are by far the easiest to use for cutting tomatoes and other soft foods that tend to squish when cut with a straight blade. Otherwise, you will need an extra sharp knife to get the job done but with a bit more work. If you are trying to keep your kitchen small, you can use a steak knife or bread knife in a pinch, but neither will function as well as a tomato knife.

Straight blades are extremely useful for hard food with tough shells; however, serrated blades can saw through tough skin and soft fruit without making a mashed mess. A straight blade works best for clean cuts, but serrated works for tougher tasks. The serrations can help to keep food presentable while also slicing, dicing, chopping, and peeling. 

Basically, the serrations or tiny teeth grab the tomatoes thin skin and cut straight through without slipping for a straight cut. While other knives will slip off to the side or squish the tomato even with low pressure, a tomato knife is designed to handle the unique needs of a tomato.

While you can use a bread knife to cut tomatoes, bread knives are often much longer than a tomato knife. With the extra length, the blade can be harder to manage on a smaller tomato. It’s best to size your blade to the size of the food for more control and the appropriate pressure. You can use a bread knife in a pinch, but it’s definitely better to stick to a tomato knife for cutting tomatoes.

As you cut, keep your tomato knife at a 45-degree angle. This blade angle will keep the texture and juiciness of your tomato slices as much as possible. Additionally, this will minimize the pressure you can apply to the tomato and prevent accidentally mashing the tomato.

The most important part of using a tomato knife is to avoid using pressure. Use a sawing-like motion to reduce the pressure and work side to side instead of downward. Any pressure used on the blade can help to mash the tomatoes and cause the seeds to leak out of the insides. 

It’s best to use the knife to cut the tomato in half first and then remove the core. Now you can slice the tomato or dice as needed. Take your time cutting a tomato if you care about presentation; otherwise, you can cut quickly but know the tomatoes will be a little squashed. Whether tomatoes are kept in the refrigerator or on the counter, you can expect the inside texture to still be soft and the skin a little tougher.

Due Cigni knives are handcrafted in Italy and are a popular choice among home chefs and experts throughout the world. As a family-owned business, we are dedicated to providing high-quality kitchen products that will please clients. Our knives will endure a long time because they are well-balanced, have a dynamic design, and are also reasonably priced.

To prepare outstanding meals with ease, use our tomato knife to fulfill specific tasks in the kitchen. Our knives will make your culinary experience a pleasure, from cutting crusty bread to delicate tomatoes. If you don’t like the knives, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.