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Most people assume that pizza knives can only be used for cutting pizza. Therefore, they either avoid buying a pizza knife or go for the cheapest option. However, pizza knives are a useful kitchen tool that can be used for so much more than just cutting pizza.

Due Cigni offers high quality and affordable Italian pizza knives. Our pizza knives are made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability. They are designed to cut precisely without squishing or pulling apart delicate food items.

For 120 years and counting, Due Cigni continues to produce top-rated kitchen tools for anyone from cookie enthusiasts to professional chefs. Discover the best pizza knives for sale at Due Cigni.

Why Shop Due Cigni Pizza Knives?

Due Cigni kitchen tools are a top choice for consumers all over the world. As a family owned company, Due Cigni products are created by individuals just like you who know and understand what you really need. Due Cigni is committed to customer satisfaction.

Our pizza knife reviews highlight impeccable performance, high quality, long lasting, perfectly-balanced, compact, affordably priced, and more. Every kitchen deserves a reliable pizza knife. Our products are designed using premium materials and simple care instructions for long-lasting durability.

With proper care, most of our products can last a lifetime. We encourage you to try our pizza knives. If you don’t love them, send them back for a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pizza Knives for Home Chefs & Professionals

Kitchen newbies and professional chefs are sure to delight in the design, quality, and value that Due Cigni offers. No pun intended but our knives really are a ‘cut’ above the rest. Due Cigni makes three different product lines: Basic, Classica, and Florence. All of our product lines are made using premium materials, precise cutting blades, and easy grip handles. For more information on our pizza knives and pizza knife sets simply click on the knife to learn more about how it’s made and what it’s best for.

If you are a kitchen newbie, you can start with the Basic line of pizza knives. Due Cigni’s Basic pizza knives are offered at entry level prices and made with steel. The next step up is the Classica line of pizza knives. The Classica line features full tang knives that are made of stainless steel. Due Cigni’s top of the line knives are featured in the Florence line. The Florence line of pizza knives are forged stainless steel, making them some of the strongest knives available.

If you are looking for premium Italian pizza knives, you are in the right spot!

Italian Stainless Steel Pizza Knives FAQs

A pizza knife is not the same as a pizza cutter. In European countries and many other countries, people do not eat their pizza with their hands but, like most other foods, with a fork and knife. Why? Because using a knife and fork to cut the pizza slows down the process and pushes you to concentrate more on the pizza. 

Eating pizza this way works the way your body does, as it can take twenty minutes for your body to know it is full. When you eat with your hands, it’s much faster, but you may eat twice as much as you need. Enter the pizza knife, a serrated knife just like you use for steak ready to cut through toppings and thick bread crust with ease when held in place by a fork.

No, a pizza cutting knife cuts bites small enough to put into your mouth, while a pizza slicing knife cuts an entire pizza into triangles. Of course, it can cut pizza any way you like, such as squares, but the point is you use a slicer to prepare the pizza to go on your plate and a pizza knife to cut the pizza that is on your plate.

A pizza cutting knife is essentially a steak knife, but a pizza slicer can come in many forms. Most people are used to seeing the circular rolling pizza knife to cut pizza, and if they do not have one, they often use a bread knife as it’s long and serrated, making it quite effective for cutting a pizza.

A rocking pizza cutter, also known as a mezzaluna or pizza blade, is a large blade that cuts pizza in a rocking motion. Pizza rockers are heavy, sharp, and will slice through toppings and dough with ease. It’s the most efficient way to cut pizza; therefore, it’s ideal for commercial kitchens that need to cut a lot of pizza. 

However, it is a quite large and hefty instrument, and it may not be the most convenient to simply cut one frozen pizza. Pizza rockers are also the priciest pizza cutters on the market and are not affordable for pizza lovers who do not make pizza at home often.

Many people love pizza rockers knives, but honestly, they are not extremely useful unless you make pizza at home multiple times per week. Then, they are simply another option for cutting pizza. 

While it makes sense for a pizza shop to own one, the average household does not have the space for this large item dedicated to cutting one type of food. Instead, we recommend a bread knife to cut pizza into slices as it’s serrated and large enough to cut across a pizza. Additionally, it’s a multi-purpose knife ready to cut more than just bread and pizza.

Italians invented pizza or at least perfected the worldwide favorite meal, making them the experts in creating knives to cut the food. While an American steak knife will do the job, a pizza knife is made with the right size and serrations to cut a slice of pizza into bite-sized pieces. Italian’s eat their pizzas with knives (probably daily) and know exactly what is required of a steak knife making their knives superior.

Yes, pizza scissors are a relatively new creation that serves as an alternative to traditional pizza wheels and mezzaluna cuts. Pizza scissors are, as the name says, pizza-cutting scissors. It’s a new alternative to the more traditional wheel cutters, but instead of rolling the pie over to cut it into slices, you use scissors to cut it into pieces. 

They come in various shapes and sizes; some resemble conventional scissors, while others have a spatula attached to make serving the slices easier. However, keep in mind that just like the rocking pizza cutter, these scissors are only useful to those who make pizza at home often; otherwise, they take up space.

Italians, Germans, and many other European countries, eating pizza with a knife and fork is customary. Even in Brazil, they eat their pizza with a fork and knife. At hotels in many Asian countries, you may get a pizza with a knife and a fork too.

First, you will want to cut the pizza into a triangle if it’s not already sliced. Now take your pizza or steak knife and cut off a small bite-sized piece while using a fork to stabilize the slice. Most people start at the tip on the opposite end of the crust. Now you eat the bite and repeat.

A big pizza knife can slice more than just pizza; it can also cut bread and other foods with a soft interior and tougher exterior. As it’s so versatile, a big pizza knife (like a bread knife) can save space in your kitchen by reducing the number of tools you need.

A larger knife works best for slicing pizza, while a smaller knife works best for cutting a slice of pizza into smaller bites. A large pizza knife should not be used to cut a slice of pizza into smaller chunks as it will be too bulky for the plate.

Yes, in many countries, they rely on knives to cut pizzas instead of using other methods such as rollers, rockers, or scissors. But, of course, everyone has a personal preference.

Use a bread knife to cut pizza into slices and then a pizza or serrated steak knife to cut the slices into bites. Due Cigni offers very affordable pizza/steak knives in six-packs with multiple handle color options. We also offer steak knives with serrations perfect for cutting pizza on the plate and bread knives ready to cut pizza into slices.

Due Cigni knives are handcrafted in Italy and are a popular choice among home chefs and experts worldwide. As a family-owned business, we are dedicated to providing high-quality kitchen products that will please clients. Our knives will endure a long time because they are well-balanced, have a dynamic design, and reasonably priced. 

To prepare outstanding meals with ease, use our knives to fulfill a variety of activities in the kitchen. Our knives will make your culinary experience a pleasure, from cutting crusty bread to delicate tomatoes. If you don’t like the knives, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days.