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Our ham knives feature a long flexible blade that allows you to cut a slice in one motion. While our ham knives have a sharp blade, they are best for meats with few bones.

Due Cigni offers high quality and affordable Italian ham knives. Our ham knives are made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability. For 120 years and counting, Due Cigni continues to produce top-rated kitchen tools for anyone from cookie enthusiasts to professional chefs. Discover the best ham knives for sale at Due Cigni.


Why Shop Due Cigni Ham Knives?


Some of our best memories are made gathered around the table. It’s a comforting place to gather and spend quality time with our loved ones. Having the right kitchen tools to make delicious, perfectly cut meals can enhance your home dining experience.

As a family owned company, Due Cigni products are created by individuals just like you who know and understand what you really need. We are committed to satisfying customers while producing products made using high quality materials with simple care instructions.

With proper care, most of our products can last a lifetime. We encourage you to try our ham knives. If you don’t love them, send them back for a 30-day money back guarantee.


Ham Knives for Home Chefs & Professionals


Kitchen newbies and professional chefs are sure to delight in the design, quality, and value that Due Cigni offers. No pun intended but our ham knives really are a ‘cut’ above the rest. Due Cigni makes three different product lines: Basic, Classica, and Florence. All of our product lines are made using premium materials, precise cutting blades, and easy grip handles. For more information on our ham knives simply click on the knife to learn more about how it’s made and what it’s best for. If you are looking for premium Italian ham knives, you are in the right spot!

Italian Ham Knife FAQs

What is a ham knife used for?

A ham knife primarily cuts ham made for a specific purpose. Normally, a traditional ham knife has a long thin blade with a smooth finish. Often the blade has a little flexibility to work with the ham easier. The tougher the meat, the less flexible a blade you will need. 

Ham knives are longer than other knives to cover the entire ham at once. You can find blades between nine and twelve inches long. Additionally, ham knives can come with scallops or smooth. Scallops prevent trapped air from interrupting the cutting process. Smooth blades are the norm, though, and tend to work perfectly with ham. 

Some ham knives have a sharp tip, but most have a rounded tip to prevent accidents. Professionals tend to choose a rounded tip as it helps to pick up the ham pieces after. The handle should be ergonomic, a little wide, and non-slip to help cut meat. 

What is the proper knife to use for cutting meat?

Many knives can cut meat, including chef’s knives, santoku knives, utility, slicing, cleavers, and carving knives. The right type of knife depends on what meat you are cooking. Furthermore, choose the knife based on if you are cutting raw or cooked meat. 

Should a carving knife be flexible?

A carving knife should offer a little flexibility as meat is never a unified shape. However, if a knife is too flexible, it will not be able to cut the meat. Knives should be tough enough to handle the task; without that toughness, you will end up with ragged cuts. With not enough flexibility, the blade may be too stiff to control. 

Furthermore, a flexible blade can help to guide the knife through the meat for easier cuts. Carving knives need some flexibility; the problem is finding the right level of flexibility to maintain the cut. Find the level of flexibility that works best for you. 

What is the best knife to cut ham?

Both ham knives and carving knives can cut ham. Essentially, a ham knife is a specific type of carving knife. However, for cutting ham, you may need a couple of knives as well as a ham knife. Often ham includes a bone, and you will want a deboning knife on hand. Also, a chef’s knife can help with the actual slicing or mincing of the ham. Plan to use a few different knives but definitely keep a ham or carving knife on hand for most of the work. 

How long should a carving knife be?

A good meat carving knife will measure between 8 and 12 inches to cover the surface of the meat. Pick the blade you are most comfortable holding. People with smaller hands will find they have more control over an eight-inch blade, while bigger hands can stabilize a 12-inch blade.

How do you use a ham knife?

To start, always put the ham on a cutting board for stability and to prevent harming your counters. Next, place the ham on its side and use a smaller knife like a paring knife to cut the loose slices free. Next, switch over to the carving knife or ham knife and cut horizontal slices from the bone up to remove the top section.

Now you can turn the ham to the downside facing up and remove the meat in sections from the bone. From here, cut the meat into even slices and serve.

How do you hold a ham knife?

Hold the knife on the handle without using any fingers on the blade. You want to keep the entire blade free for cutting meat. Wrap your four fingers around the main part of the handle and put the thumb on the other side close to the blade to stabilize the knife for even cutting.

Why are some ham knives pitted?

Some ham knives have pits or scallops to prevent air from trapping in between the blade and the meat. This helps to cut slices evenly and helps the meat to fall off the blade. Both a smooth blade and scalloped blades are useful and depend on the cook’s preference.

Why do some ham knives have rounded tips while others have pointed tips?

Rounded tips help to pick up the meat after and transfer it to a plate. Also, the rounded tip can help to prevent injury. However, a pointed tip blade can make cutting easier and can work on connective tissues without switching to another knife. The pointed tip can also help with slicing if you wish only to use one knife.

Why you should purchase a Due Cigni Italian Ham Knife?

Due Cigni offers two ham knives ready to help cut both spiral and full ham. Our knives use the best quality material from Italy from a family-owned company committed to excellence. We want to bring you top quality at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy cooking. Furthermore, we perfected Italian kitchen knives decades ago to provide perfectly balanced dynamic designs ready to work.