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Frozen Meat Knife

Use a Due Cigni knife as a frozen meat knife

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Learn about using a Due Cigni knife as a frozen meat knife

What knife cuts frozen meat?

To cut frozen meats, you need a saw-toothed blade made of stainless steel to cut through the solid form. However, it is best to allow the meat to thaw a little before trying to cut. Cutting solid meat can dull a sharp knife quickly. Also, you can injure yourself by trying to cut frozen solid meat. 

For frozen meat, you will need a butcher to break down larger chunks of meat into smaller sizes. The blade of this knife is thicker, sturdier, and sharper for easier puncturing. Use this versatile knife to cut through almost any frozen meat from chickens to pork and even ribs. 

Smaller portions of frozen meat can be cut with a utility knife, while larger chunks may require a meat cleaver. A meat cleaver is a beast ready to take on anything as it can even cut through bone. It’s a heavy-duty knife but often too large for the average kitchen.

Standard versatile knives like utility, chef’s, or santoku knives will not work well for cutting frozen meat. While these are very versatile for many tasks, they cannot tackle frozen meat as they are not serrated. A bread knife may work for semi-frozen meat, but a meat cleaver or butcher knife will work best. 

How do you cut frozen meat without defrosting it?

Cutting frozen meat without defrosting requires a heavy-duty knife like a meat cleaver. Defrosting even a little can help prevent injury and damage to knives. However, you may have more luck with an electric knife as it has two blades that work in tandem with serration to saw through the meat. However, electric knives are hard to sharpen. You can also try a band saw as long as you make sure it is sanitized before and after. A weak person will not be as successful as cutting frozen meat without defrosting requires serious manual labor. 

What is a freeze-cut knife?

A freeze cut knife is designed to cut through frozen meat although, even this knife works best with slightly defrosted meat. The blade has a saw-toothed edge ready to cut through semi-hard substances such as specialty tasks like frozen meat. In addition, it’s ready to saw through coarse material without as much effort. Using rigid steel, the blade can handle extremely cold temperatures and heavier meat with normal cutting pressure. 

How do you cut through frozen meat?

Soften the meat slightly by running it under cold water for a few minutes to reduce the ice crystals. Rotate the meat while underwater to eliminate an even layer of ice, and never use hot water. Hold the meat firmly on a cutting board and cut against the meat’s grain using your non-dominant hand to hold the meat in place with your fingers curled inward. Take your time and saw slowly.

Why purchase a Due Cigni knife to use for cutting frozen meat?

Due Cigni offers a variety of knives ready to cut raw meat and a few who can help with cutting through frozen meat. Our knives provide high-quality steel from Italy, ready to impress. Furthermore, with our dual-purpose blades, you can save space in the kitchen and money too without sacrificing. With Due Cigni knives, you get a warranty to ensure your purchase.