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Brisket Knife FAQs

What is the best knife to cut brisket?

Brisket requires a serrated knife to cut smoked or cooked brisket, not a serrated knife with extremely tiny ridges or teeth. Instead, you want a knife with smooth, toothed edges and a long blade similar to a bread knife or a slicing knife. Honestly, a bread knife works perfectly for cutting cooked brisket. The serrations and long blade help you to cut against the grain, leaving very short slices ready to chew. Other long knives with teeth will work as well. Some slicing knives also have scallops that work well too, especially if they have serration as well. 

Can you use a fillet knife to trim a brisket?

Prepare a brisket by trimming off the fat and gristle before cooking and a fillet knife or boning knife. Both a fillet or boning knife are thin enough and sharp enough to trim the meat. Fillet knives can make thin slices thanks to the longer blade with a sharp tip. Also, the knife offers flexibility, perfect for working around tougher areas. 

Do you cut brisket with the grain or against the grain?

Slice brisket against the grain as this prepares the meat for easier eating. The grain of the meat lines up with the muscle fibers. If you do not cut against the grain, those muscle fibers will stay in tack and make the meat harder to chew. Break up the fibers by cutting against the grain for more tender cuts your family and guest will rave over. 

How do you know the grain of a brisket?

To find the grain, look at the brisket and find the lines that look almost like tree rings but straight. Now cut in a diagonal line going opposite than the lines on the brisket. The lines are usually easy to see, but you may need to cut into the meat to see the lines on some cuts. Also, as brisket comes in two parts, you may have difficulty finding the grain on some cuts. 

Is there a certain way to cut brisket?

As long as you cut against the grain, it’s easy to cut a brisket. Many people have different preferences like some want the type cut off, and others want to cut off excess fat. Make sure to cut the brisket into even slices. If the meat is extra-large, you can cut it into four sections first and then cut into slices so they can fit on a plate easily. 

How do you cut a brisket for beginners?

Set the meat on a large butcher’s block or cutting board, preferably at waist height. Allow the meat to rest before cutting to allow the juices to absorb and settle. Slice against the grain, which may need to be done in multiple parts. Next, trim off the excess fat if not trimmed before cooking. Now remove the tip as it’s usually overcooked. Now slice the meat into thin, even slices. If the meat is extra-large, you can cut it into quarters before slicing. 

Why purchase a Due Cigni brisket cutting knife?

Due Cigni uses Italian steel to make their knives and provide a wide selection to suit any cutting needs. Many of our knives are multi-functional ready to work for multiple kitchen tasks. Find the right quality at the right price with a warranty to enjoy cooking from our family to yours.