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Italian Bread Knives

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Bread Knives

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Established 1896

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Bread knives can be used for cutting crusty bread, spitting layer cakes, slicing fragile tomatoes, cutting stacked sandwiches, and more.

Our bread knives are designed to cut through bread and other food items with a tough exterior and soft interior.

Due Cigni offers a variety of bread knives made in Italy using premium materials for long-lasting durability.

Our bread knives are made with a comfortable and supportive grip that offers the ultimate control for most hand sizes. No matter what your skill level in the kitchen is you are sure to delight in the design, quality, and variety of bread knives that Due Cigni offers.

Due Cigni is committed to producing better quality and lower priced bread knives than their competitors. Once you use a Due Cigni knife with a razor sharp blade that cuts effortlessly, it’s likely you will never use another brand again. Discover the best bread knives for sale at Due Cigni.


Why Shop Due Cigni Bread Knives?


Due Cigni bread knives are a top choice for customers all around the world. Due Cigni is a family-owned company that is committed to satisfying customers and delivering high quality knives and kitchen tools.

Our bread knife reviews highlight impeccable performance, high quality, long lasting, perfectly-balanced, affordably priced, and more. Our bread knives can be used for so much more than just cutting bread. Their dynamic design makes them a kitchen necessity that can help you accomplish a variety of tasks.

Whether you are cutting through crusty bread or slicing delicate vegetables, Due Cigni has the perfect bread knife for the job. Our products are designed using premium materials and simple care instructions for long-lasting durability. With proper care, most of our products can last a lifetime.

We encourage you to try our bread knives. If you don’t love them, send them back for a 30-day money back guarantee.


Bread Knives for Home Chefs & Professionals


Whether you are a cooking enthusiast, home chef, or professional, Due Cigni bread knives are designed with you in mind. Due Cigni makes three different product lines: Basic, Classica, and Florence. All of our product lines are made using premium materials, precise cutting blades, and easy grip handles. For more information on our bread knives simply click on the knife to learn more about how it’s made and what it’s best for.

If you are a kitchen newbie, you can start with the Basic line of bread knives. Due Cigni’s Basic bread knives are offered at entry level prices and made with steel. The next step up is the Classica line of bread knives. The Classica line features full tang knives that are made of stainless steel. Due Cigni’s top of the line knives are featured in the Florence line. The Florence line of bread knives are forged stainless steel, making them some of the strongest knives available.

If you are looking for premium Italian bread knives that can enhance any dinner party, you are in the right spot!