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Bone Cutting Knives FAQs

Which knife is best for cutting through bones?

The best knife for cutting through bone would be the meat cleaver. Use this knife and a little personal strength, along with smart techniques, to cut through a bone. Cleavers come in multiple shapes and sizes but what they all have in common is the ability to tackle larger meat without removing the bone.

Butcher knives can also cut through bone but are better at cutting through smaller bones and slicing or trimming meat. 

If you have neither a meat cleaver nor a butcher knife, then you can always use your trusty Chef’s knife or a Santoku knife, as these are appropriate for 90% of the tasks in the kitchen. 

What do butchers use to cut bones?

Butchers use butcher knives and cleavers to cut through bone. The main difference between a butcher knife is the purpose. A cleaver cuts through large pieces of bone and meat while a butcher knife can trim and slice. In addition, Butcher knives are longer and thinner, while cleavers are wider and longer, making them useful for different purposes. 

Can meat cleaver cut through bone?

Yes, a cleaver is the ultimate knife for cutting through bone and meat. It’s a heavy-set knife with a sharp beveled edge, although the thickness of the blade can come in a wide range depending on the cutting purpose. Do not use a meat cleaver to slice or for everyday use. The knife can handle cutting through any kind of meat with a blade between 6 to 12 inches. 

Can knives cut through bone?

Only butcher knives and cleavers can cut through bones. Other knives are not up to the heavy-duty task bones present. Use other knives to cut fruits, veggies, cheese, and boneless meat and save butcher knives and cleavers for handling bones. 

What can I cut bone with?

To cut a bone, you can use a very sharp meat cleaver or, for smaller bones, a butcher’s knife. Also, high-quality electric knives can cut through bones as well. But the problem with electric knives is they are serrated and can cause bone splintering and tiny chips. Avoid an electric knife if you want a clean cut. 

A meat cleaver is the best bet for cutting through meat, but you can also use a Japanese Maboroshi knife, often called a Gyuto. It looks like a mix between a chef’s knife and a cleaver but with a hammered blade. However, these only work for smaller, thinner bones. 

How do I use a meat cleaver? 

To use a meat cleaver, make sure to use the knife on a cutting board and try to use a surface that is waist height for a better cutting angle. Use a power grip but do not plan on making power attacks; instead let the knife do the work with a chopping motion from your wrist. Keep your elbow slightly bent and raise your arm a little to apply force. Hit the food with the top third portion of the blade to get the most cutting action. Harder chunks of meat and bone may require multiple cuts. 

Why purchase a Due Cigni bone cutting knife?

Due Cigni makes extra sharp knives that are easy to use and sharpen. We provide a full range of kitchen knives from Italy for the highest quality. Furthermore, our knives are multi-purpose to provide more usefulness for home kitchens. With the right quality, prices, and warranties, you can find the best knives to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.