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Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat

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Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat

What knife should I use to cut raw meat?

Depending on the type of raw meat, you may need one of three knives. First, you will need a boning knife to remove raw meat from the bone. A boning knife has a sharp tip to reach into tight spaces and a long thin blade for cutting through meat.

Second, a butcher knife offers a slightly flexible blade you can guide through raw meat with ease, depending on the size of the knife. The knife can also slice meat thinly for a uniform cut. Finally, you will need a meat cleaver for larger cuts of meat and can cut bone too, making it perfect for hunters or those who buy larger chunks of meat. 

What to Look For Before Buying a Knife For Cutting Raw Meat?

Look for three important features in a knife for cutting raw meat. The first is the handle; it needs to be comfortable in your hand for better gripping. Next, the blade needs to be tailored to your hands. Try a few different sizes to see which works best for you. Third, the blade should be very sharp, easy to sharpen, and have a fine point. 

What kind of knife do you use to cut raw chicken?

As chicken has lots of bones, you will need a boning knife. Also, the thinner sharp edge helps to cut through tough skin. After working around the bone, you will want a butcher’s knife to cut the bird. A chef’s knife will work, too, if you do not cut a lot of raw meat and need to save space. 

What is a Santoku knife used to cut?

A santoku knife originates from Japan with a shorter, thinner blade great for smaller hands. In addition, the scallops allow food to slide off the blade with ease. Like a chef’s knife, a santoku knife can cut almost anything, including meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 

Can you cut meat with a Santoku knife?

Santoku knives are very versatile and can cut meat, fish, and vegetables. It’s a fabulous addition to any kitchen short on space in your kitchen or are a smaller cook, then this is the perfect addition to your knife drawer. 

Is a utility knife good for cutting raw meat?

A utility knife is shorter than a chef’s knife but longer than a pairing knife and works well for many kitchen tasks like slicing meats, including raw meat. However, this will only work for smaller cuts of meat. 

Which knife would let you cut up a 10-pound piece of raw meat easily?

For a ten-pound piece of raw meat, you will want a boning knife to work around the bone and then a butcher’s knife to cut through the larger chunks of meat. Neither a santoku knife nor a chef’s knife will be large enough for the job.

Which knife is best suitable to cut rib bone pork?

A boning knife, butcher knife, or meat cleaver will cut rib meat, although the cleaver will make the job much easier as it can cut through bone. 

Why purchase a Due Cigni premium Italian knife for cutting raw meat?

Due Cigni offers many knives ready to cut raw meat and help with all of your kitchen cutting needs. With our knives, you get quality dual-purpose blades to save money and space in the kitchen. Made in Italy with the finest steel at affordable prices, you can equip your kitchen perfectly. Each knife comes with a warranty, too, ensuring your purchase. From our kitchen to yours, make cooking a more enjoyable task.